Taliban in Charge. The Consequences

Interview with Col. Ann Wright (Retired)


On August 13th, I asked retired Colonel Ann Wright what the US government and US citizens can do to protect Afghan translators and others who assisted US forces.

Joe Walsh. Forbes. U.S. Will Send 3,000 Extra Troops To Afghanistan Amid Drawdown From Kabul Embassy. August 12, 2021.

The US Embassies of the US, the UK and others will be evacuated. What will the consequences for democratic societies be? Will the Taliban's success inspire attacks in other regions?

Reuters. Doha talks on Afghanistan end with call for accelerated peace process, halt to attacks. August 12, 2021.

Note: New York Times writes of nine dead Iranian diplomats.

Douglas Jehl. Iran Holds Taliban Responsible for 9 Diplomats' Deaths. September 11, 1998.

What is next for her, CODEPINK, Veterans for Peace?


US Embassy Kabul logo

Date: January 27, 2009


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